Heart Berries


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This is a beautiful and vibrant quilt, some of the colours in it remind me of berries of all types, hence its name.

This quilt would make a fantastic gift for anyone from a child to an adult and for any occasion.

It has been made using 100% cotton fabrics. I used a solid white colour to frame the heart shape to set off the colours in the print. It has been simply quilted to showcase the quilt, using coordinated variegated thread in long diagonal lines in the coloured squares and a swirly pattern along the edges of the white squares.

This quilt has been backed and hand bound in a subtle mauve colour.

It contains a double layer of Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 wadding for warmth.

It measures 180 x 172 cm (70.5” x 67.5”)

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Additional Information

Care instructions: this quilt can be machine washed, using a delicate wash and cold water, add 3-4 colour catchers to the wash and just a little washing detergent. The best way to dry the quilt is to lay it flat out on the grass and flip over from time to time and put it in the tumble dryer for 10 minutes just to ‘fluff’ it up to finish.

If hand washing this quilt, do not scrub it or wring it out.

When the quilt has been washed there will be some shrinkage of the wadding so the quilt will have a slightly crinkled and well-loved look.